Thermal-Clad® IMS® now available in standard star, square, strip and array form factors, supporting leading power LED footprints

To shorten time to market for LED-based illuminations in lighting-industry form factors, the Bergquist Company has introduced at the Electronica 2008 trade show ready-to-use Thermal-Clad insulated metal substrates (IMS) instandard star, square, array or strip formats. Ten different contact patterns areavailable, supporting high-power LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors.
Currently available configurations are single-device star or 36-up star arrays aswell as square boards in an 17-up strip.

“Power LEDs can significantly reduce the world’s energy needs by directly replacing conventional light sources, but lighting designers need turnkey solutions to achieve the best possible performance,” said Nico Bruijnis, European marketing manager at Bergquist. “Thermal-Clad Power LED IMS pre-solves the key mechanical and thermal challenges, allowing lighting designers to deliver the full benefits of LED lighting technology within a short time to market.”

Bergquist’s Thermal-Clad IMS enhances thermal management for high-power LED lighting designs, enabling higher driving currents for increased brightness as well as ensuring lower junction temperature for greater reliability and longer operating lifetime. Using Thermal-Clad IMS also enables designers to achieve the desired light output with fewer individual LEDs, to deliver smaller, more competitive lighting solutions.

Thermal-Clad Power-LED IMS substrates have more than three times the thermal conductivity of conventional FR4 PCB, achieving 1.3W/m-K to enable efficient thermal coupling to a heatsink or the surrounding ambient. The substrates comprise a 1.57mm-gauge aluminium base plate, thermally conductive dielectric and 35-micron copper circuit foil. They are delivered ready to use, with white solder mask and HASL solder pads.

About Bergquist

The Bergquist Company is a privately held, family owned business that began in the 1960s as an electronic components distributor in the upper Midwest of the USA. Today, Bergquist consists of four divisions: Thermal Products, Membrane Switch, Electronic Components and Touch Screens.

Bergquist is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of thermal management materials that provide product solutions to control and manage heat in electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards.

Bergquist headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA. Bergquist has additional facilities in The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai, China. A global sales and support network allows the company to meet the needs of its international customers on a worldwide basis.

The company has many years of experience in providing solutions for automotive manufacturers and suppliers, and is QS9000 certified. Bergquist is also working to achieve TS16949 certification in the near future.

For more company information, visit the Bergquist web site at:


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